We specialise in Clubman helmets for race, track, karting and speed events.. Here are the minimum specifications required for the various disciplines:

Race & Speed EventsKarting - MSAKarting - Commercial & IKRTrack DaysShort circuit
Snell SAH2010
Snell 2015
Must be suitable for HANS device with certain exemptions
Snell SA2010
Snell SA2015
Snell CMR2007
Snell K2010
Snell K2015
Most commercial and IKR (non-MSA) racing series accept motor cycle helmetsMost track days require minimum Snell SA2010 without need for HANS device fitmentsMost short circuit series demand "fibre glass" and accept the Snell SA2010/SA2015 without HANS clips fitted

Cadets & Juniors under 15:
Snell CMR2007