Karting is fast, fun and accessible. Whether you are using arrive and drive karts at your local karting centre, or racing your own high-performance kart in IKR or MSA racing we have something for you. 

Karting has its own specific standards for clothing:


Arrive & Drive - no minimum standard as long as overalls cover arms and legs and fasten securely - our Sped Racewear Hobby suit is a perfect starting point

IKR - most IKR series request CIK-specification overalls of any era provided they are in good condition and fit for purpose

MSA - MSA kart racing requires CIK-homologated suits to Level 1 or Level 2 standard. racewear.co.uk has a range of Level 2 suits 


Arrive & Drive - no minimum standard with motorcycle helkmets proving popular

IKR - as above

MSA - Minimum standards apply:

Under 15 - Snell CMR2007

Snell SA2010
Snell SA2015
Snell CMR2007
Snell K2010
Snell K2015

All the helmets shown here will have the standard clearly shown on the product pages.